Sonex Financial Wins National Award

Sonex Financial was recognised and awarded by the Utilities & Telecoms sector for Best Partnership Initiative for 2019 with the work they have done with npower’s Vulnerable Customers. Stefan Russell one of the founders of the company said, “for a startup in a very challenging sector we are extremely proud to receive this cross-industry recognition which wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and expertise of our fantastic staff”.


At Sonex, we have experienced significant growth creating employment opportunities within the local area, providing specialist bespoke servicing solutions for organisations whose most vulnerable customers fall behind with their payments. In 2017 Sonex entered into a partnership initiative with npower to transform their mechanisms of support and improve their processes to deliver on their commitment to protect all customers in vulnerable situations who find themselves struggling with their energy bills.


Sonex approach to vulnerable customer management is centred on resolution-based strategy using office based and face to face communication methods. A strategy that develops and nurtures relationships with customers, building trust, giving the customer confidence that we are working towards a solution that is in their best interests and delivers a fair sustainable outcome. A move away from applying predefined treatments for vulnerable groups by working towards a more individually focused solution that genuinely considers the circumstances of the individual.


Sonex’s introduction into the collections process has helped to remove barriers to engagement and re-establish effective and meaningful dialogue and rapport with customers. Their link up with a panel of medical professionals including specialists in Cancer and PTSD gives them insight into the psyche of people in vulnerable situations and provide professional support when needed. Their uniquely skilled staff have the knowledge and experience to help and support the most vulnerable customers and are consistently going above and beyond to ensure the customer gets the best possible outcome.